Birth can be empowering?  YES!! If you’re in Dubai and aiming to be confident and make your birth more enjoyable you’ve come to the right place! Find out just how amazing your body is!

A doula is brought into the birthing team to comfort, empower, inform and support the mother and her family during the exciting time leading up to and during birth.

You can expect to learn coping techniques, what to expect from your labor and different options about medical care and providers.

The aim of every birth is to have both mother and baby happy and healthy. A doula will help to make the experience as empowering and positive as possible. Time to let go of all the cultural misconceptions around birth and enjoy the miracle!

Birthing with Labor Support:

Labor to most women in today’s western world is assumed to be an unpleasant experience that one must go through as a means to get their prized possession of a wonderful child.  Learning there are other options, and birth can be a beautiful experience, can be very inspiring and help women to really experience and connect with their birth in a truly amazing way.  The simple misconception that labor needs to be feared can make such a huge difference to a woman’s perspective and opportunities.  Having support before and during labor can make all the difference between nervousness and empowerment.

They remind the mother of what is normal; they assure her when she has a lapse in confidence. They comfort her when she is not sure how to make a surge more bearable. They create a conducive environment for birth. They inform her in advance of what to expect and how to prepare. They nourish her when she forgets. They hold her when she is tired. They suggest positions to create more space for baby. They apply physical techniques to lessen her pain. They remind her of her strength. They encourage every step she makes. They are her personal birth expert and are there to coach her from beginning to end with emotional, physical, and mental support.

When you are wavering, I see you.

When you think you can’t do it, I’ll remind you “you already are.”

If you don’t feel heard, I will listen.

When you realize your strength, I’ll be proud.

Doula Dubai

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Doula dubai, A confident journey:

To gain confidence for birthing, a woman needs information, assurances in her support team, a strong belief in herself and her body’s ability, and a positive attitude.  My goals for each client are to help them find ways to be at peace with their new life change and the beautiful experience they go through in the process.

“Babies are Conscious Participants” – Barbara Harper