Feedback from Delta Strength labor Mamas

Feedback from the ladies I supported during labor.  Click on pictures to read more.

A lovely acrostic poem from Mehnaaz:

"I must say your massage and different techniques of exercise eased my labour pain."
Click to read more “I must say your massage and different techniques of exercise eased my labour pain.”

Click to read more “Yasmin honestly whatever praise I give for your work is just indefinite.”

Y – You are loved for being an

A – Amazing person

S – Supportive Doula

M – Master in your work

I – Ideal, Impactful, Intuitive



‘Having Yasmin next to us during my labor and delivery was the best decision we made! Her tips and massage technique really helped me to go through labor pain. She stayed with us for all 12(!) hours of labor, her attitude was perfect: she was very helpful and discreet the same time. Beautiful soul, calming voice and helpful hands. She and Pete (my husband) made a perfect team, I felt secured and safe. Strongly recommended!’


– Olia and Pete de Villiers

Experienced a beautiful vbac few years ago with my lovely doula by my side. Cherish those calm and composed advices that she shared through my journey. One of them really stuck by.. I was very anxious about offending people around me by my birth preferences, by the choices I made. Having shared this with Yasmin.. she just in the sweetest tone said, ‘If they can be offended by a pregnant woman, they are going to be offended by everything alive, so let them be and be selfish just for this bit.. it’s you who matters in this moment’

I lived by that advice throughout my pregnancy and labor, and can’t say I regret it a tad bit!

Highly recommend Yasmin to anyone who is looking for a quiet, calming and empowering birth!

Sana Kalsekar

Dear Yasmin, thanks for everything! And by everything I mean, for the support you provided me throughout my pregnancy, for those messages full of care and concern time and again, for timely inputs and suggestions when I was confused, for being the beautiful human that you are.

My heart just witnessed too many ‘aww’ moments today and one of them being seeing you get teary eyed at the birth of Hamza. That just stayed with me and will be forever.
Your support meant the world to me Yasmin! It always has.
I just know that you’re a special part of my entire journey of being a mom time and again.